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Hi Guys! Im working with ‘approval’ and ‘notification_email’ modules to generate an a trigger condition to send email to selected "3rd party. When i generate template i can get the id from purchase to have to approve and i generate two links, one of them is a https://… link and works fine on Tryton (web) and the other one is same like this:


the links works perfect if i copy paste on chrome url for instance or windows file explorer. But my problem is that i cannot embed that “LINK” into an a href HTML tag to attach on email. Anyone knows if exist any way to can do this?

I take the opportunity to comment too another way for me to solve this problem is doing via email approve or decline the “Approval request”, some idea??

Thanks in advance guys! :slight_smile:


You register custom route that when requested will approve or reject. But you will probably authenticate the user (so it can be annoying to authenticate on each request) or you could add a secure secret into the URL. Also you will probably need to output some page to give feedback.

You may also look at the Email actions from Google: What Are Actions?  |  Email Markup  |  Google Developers

Thanks in advance @ced .

The Hyperlink TEXT appears as normal text and havent a link attached maybe i have somethings wrong but … its a simple href :S

Thats solve all my problems if works … some idea about this errors (attached pics)

Thanks again :wink:

Note: Im requested today at Google to allow me, use this buttons … but i think that Tryton dont have to show any error really?

I guess it is your email client that does not allow to render none http link.

Im using Gmail Web client :frowning: its weird i use the http link to web Tryton web and works perfect but when i use the tryton:// ignore completly :cold_sweat:


I tryed here and works. Im turning craizy :sob: :sob: :sob:

Edit: I tested directly and href from Gmail Client web and the Google’s delete me the link dunno why :triumph:

I guess Gmail does not allow to render link for other protocol than http.

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