Weekly or daily backup of database?

Hey all
i was thinking that if tryton had some internal facility for backup on daily basis ?
currently i am using docker containers . can you please recommend me a way for taking backup of database and also restore the same

Thank you

No, tryton has no facility to backup or restore databases. That should be done directly on the database engine.

If you are using postgres, you can use pg_dump and pg_restore

Here are snippets from my PostgreSQL backup and restore scripts. I run the backup script nightly using cron (or manually before I do something in my sandbox database in case something unexpected happens).


# Default pg_dump output format is text (SQL), which requires using psql to restore.
# Use --format=c (binary format) to restore using pg_restore.
pg_dump --verbose --host=localhost --port=5432 --username=tryton --dbname=scc --clean --create --format=c --file=/home/dale/backup/scc.dump


# must use --format=c with pg_dump (default pg_dump output format is text (SQL), which
# cannot be restored using pg_restore).
pg_restore --verbose --host=localhost --username=tryton --clean --dbname=scc --username=tryton /home/dale/backup/scc.dump