Database backup and restore

Hello, the menu bar canceled the operation of the database after update 4.8. Now I am a little confused about how to operate the backup and restore of the database.
If the system is used for a long time, a lot of data will be generated, which will affect the query speed.
Tryton has no archiving mechanism.File those completed orders?
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You should use the postgresql utilities to do that: pg_dump and pg_restore.

It shouldn’t but you might have to tune the index your database is using when you encounter a slow query. Take a look at the postgresql wiki article about EXPLAIN / ANALYZE it might help you when you will have the issue.

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Do you need to operate at the database level after data backup and recovery?
Do the restored database and tryton associations need to execute any commands?
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Not if you restore on the same version of Tryton that was used to make the backup. Otherwise you need to run an update like for any version migration.

I see. Thank you very much!

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