Dropping/backing up the postgresql database

Just starting to set up things, I backed up my database and wanted to try dropping it and then restoring it from the back up file. When I try to drop it I get a report that there is a connection to it, even with the tryton client closed. Apparently the tryton server is what is connected, how do I close the connection so the database can be dropped?

Would a better way to manage this be to copy the database with a different name and then connect to the one with the new name?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated -

Stop the trytond server

ok sorry for my ignorance, it’s probably documented somewhere, but what command do I use for that?

Using Ubuntu server - sudo killall trytond worked.

Got it restored from a .backup file. Had to restart the trytond server of course, and the web server. Would connect to the database file with the client after that but had trouble connecting to modules within the client. I restarted the computer server after that and now it seems fine.

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