Use discourse for news publication

In the process of redesigning the website, I propose to use a discourse category for that. The reason is that the edition is much user-friendly, it will allow to have comments and we will be able to schedule the publication. Also discourse provides a RSS feed.
Here is how I see the workflow. There is a private category where the news are prepared (it already exists) between a selected team of people (we could give for a news access to a specific user). We have a second category news which is public, ordered by publishing date. The access rights will be: Everyone: Reply / See, Communication: Create / Reply / See. The news are scheduled to be published on the public category once they are ready.
On the website the link redirect to the discourse news category and the link to the category rss.
On the new website design, the last three news could be rendered by using the RSS feed.

It is setup. The category is and the redirection from is in place.

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We added another category to let anyone propose a news.

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