Website Optimizations

The marketing discussion on TUB2023 has shown, that the website is the key entry point and could be optimized. Here some inputs:

  • Better structure for different stakeholder to be developed. See also Tryton Corporate Design. Show advantages of Tryton for each stakeholder group. This could be done by simply make an new page >Tryton >Advantages. There we list the different stakeholder with their view onto Tryton and declare the advantages, including some Links like ISO 25010
  • Show deeper features overview for each Tryton section
  • Declare what each foundation staff is responsible for
  • Show different documentations in the various languages on the website. Perhaps not directly link to
  • possible to integrate an “auto-translater” (eg. for a wished process documentation)?
  • An empathic Video to show how Tryton is “thinking”.
  • Quality of Tryton logo on website (bad resolution on HiDPI Displays)
  • Quality of service provider logos (bad resolution on HiDPI Displays)
  • Sharpen pictures (bad resolution on HiDPI Displays)
  • List Tryton Videos in english instead of local languages
  • Show verticals like: Kitalux, Kalenis, Limes, Distillery solution from Dominique
  • Input why Tryton is better than Odoo: Advantages of Tryton over Odoo
  • Website Pictures: what shall the message really be?
  • Website Pictures: Why mountains, streets with car lights, people watching onto smartphones, etc?
  • Website Pictures: Do we prefer showing more business context?
  • Footer RSS-Link: not working
  • Footer Instagram Link: not working
  • (outdated) Footer Vimeo Link: Tryton on Vimeo

I do not see what logo are you referring?

We are limited by what providers provide as image. But the width is limited to 330px. All the images have the proper size but it is just the quality of the source from some that are bad.

The images were provided by the web designer, I do not know if it is possible to have larger size than the actual 1920x500.

It is working for me.

Which link? We do not have instagram account for Tryton.

Why is it a problem? There are video there that are no where else.

Here you can see that the picture quality is not sufficient. I guess the whole website doesn’t display HiDpi but standard 72dpi. Therefore the Website looks bad. I guess it’s not the quality of the pictures the folks handed in to you (at least not me and our pictures are low quality as well). So I guess the reason is in the servertechnology or cms or something this way.

I see. I lack of a working app. Sorry.

Ah - that’s why. Might be an Idea in future? There are kind of business accounts where one could administrate FB and Insta in one.

The’re old. It looks like we were inactive in the community. Better moove all to YouTube.

It would probably look better if we swapped it for the svg version -

Indeed we need to serve images with higher dpi for the HD screen like described in High DPI images for variable pixel densities  |  Articles  |

This would be another solution as SVG in HTML img element | Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc

I created Use SVG image for tryton logo (!64) · Merge requests · Tryton / Communication / Website · GitLab

Thanks. Is there an easy way stefan could test this? Like downloading some artifact?

The Tryton logo looks perfect now. Thanks very much :slight_smile:

All other non-vector-pictures still are in low resolution. For that kind of optimization, normally the cms takes care of (at least the ones I work with, e.g. Contao and Wordpress).