Tryton Corporate Identity

This is about who we are and what we’re going to deliver for the society in which way.


  • Tryton is a business software framework:
  • Behind it, there is a lovely community of developers, process specialists, integrators and companies using Tryton.
  • A foundation behind the community helps coordinating, but is not leading.

Developer USPs

  • Tryton is a three-tier high-level general purpose business framework
  • Developers will love straight forward models, the code and the community.

Developer Help

Integrator Help

Enduser Help

Consultant USPs

  • High quality code
  • build own business software setup with Tryton modules like playing Lego
  • Open Source - no cost for the modules
  • Perfect Software when looking at ISO 25010
  • Engaged community not only with developers, but also other companies bringing in their practical point of view.

Consultant Headlines

  • Tryton business software makes your business flow:
  • A powerful tool to plan, operate, manage and control your business.
  • It is very flexible. It adjusts to your needs rather than otherwise around.
  • It is modular. You are free to pick what you need. (pending: Link to Modules Website and link to PyPi)
  • It’s Open Source and therefore safer and you can trust it. You are able and very welcome to check the code.
  • It’s not only Open Source, but also GPL. That means it is free.
  • It’s Open Source under GPL. No vendor lock-in. You are always free to export all your data.
  • It is productive, solid and stable.
  • Server and clients are open to all common platforms and operating systems, so it suits also perfect for heterogeneous environments
  • A strong community of developers with local and international know-how are able to produce a tool like Tryton, that also support international needs.
  • Tryton is multi-language (20+ languages) out of the box.
  • Tryton is localized and internationalized, for example with special accounting standards for different countries.
  • It is secure! Rights and roles may be defined granularly.
  • Your employees will like Tryton, because it has a friendly user-interface.
  • Tryton is also a friend of managers: With clever reports one can see, what’s going on.
  • Because of high performance code and database, Tryton is scalable from small to big companies.
  • Tryton is reliable because of famous and reliable PostgreSQL database backend.
  • Tryton suits well ISO 25010. Also see ISO 25010 at (DE)

Consultant Help

Media Help

  • Media Package with short text and pictures

Partners USPs

  • Support a project where the whole society can profit and not only a single company.
  • Let others help you realizing your ideas
  • Many thanks for your support!

General USPs

  • Business Software – Modularity, Scalability & Security for Your Business
  • Vibrant Community – Uninited under a Foundation
  • Professional Service – Supported by a Network of Providers
  • Total Freedom – No vendor lock-in

General Headline

  • Tryton is business software, ideal for companies of any size, easy to use, complete and 100% Open Source.

Tryton Logo

Picture art

  • Warm filter applied (kind old style chrome effect)
  • Text on pictures on the left side
  • Title in white colour on dark background (color gradient to black from right to the left)
  • Subtitle in green colour on dark background (doesn’t suit well when long text because not enough contrast)

Icons art

  • Looks like just taken from Google materials
  • Own design language missing

Web and Print
Font styles

  • Font: Roboto Condensed
  • Title: White on dark background, bold style, 40 points (Web)
  • Subtitle: Green, regular style, 24 points (Web)
  • Heading 1: Green, bold style, 32 points (Web)
  • Heading 2: Black, regular style, 16 points (Web)
  • Heading 3: pending
  • Heading 4: pending
  • Heading 5: pending
  • Text: Grey, regular style, 16 points (Web)


  • link color: #267f82
  • link hover color: #1e6668

There are some official Tryton communication channels, e.g.

  • The Website
  • Social Media Platforms (see below)
  • Newsletter
  • Events (Tryton Unconference) with Banners, Presentations, Summaries, etc

On all these channels we apply our defined style guide. As of technical conditions, they not necesserily follow the exact same style. Of nothing else defined, we do

  • use our defined font type
  • use the official Tryton logo
  • we use the Logo “Tryton Business Software” related to Tryton as product like updates and “Tryton Community” for events or other things related to the people in the community.

There are news that present Tryton based projects of developers, implementers or third party. They are welcome and show the variety of possible applications of the Tryton oecosystem. This way, they push our project.

  • These news can be published over official Tryton channels.
  • The developer or implementer and the customer can be clearly visible.
  • The Logo “Tryton powered” shall be visible clearly.

Third Party Communication
We don’t want to set rules about how each external company communicates on their own channels. We are glad they mention Tryton as intense as possible.

Social Media Platforms


From my understanding the codereview has been depreciated and now we use:

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