Tryton Corporate Identity

This is about who we are and what we’re going to deliver for the society in which way.


  • Tryton is a business software framework:
  • Behind it, there is a lovely community of developers, process specialists, integrators and companies using Tryton.
  • A foundation behind the community helps coordinating, but is not leading.

Developer USPs

  • Tryton is a three-tier high-level general purpose business framework
  • Developers will love straight forward models, the code and the community.

Developer Help

Integrator Help

Enduser Help

Consultant USPs

  • High quality code
  • build own business software setup with Tryton modules like playing Lego
  • Open Source - no cost for the modules
  • Perfect Software when looking at ISO 25010
  • Engaged community not only with developers, but also other companies bringing in their practical point of view.

Consultant Headlines

  • Tryton business software makes your business flow:
  • A powerful tool to plan, operate, manage and control your business.
  • It is very flexible. It adjusts to your needs rather than otherwise around.
  • It is modular. You are free to pick what you need. (pending: Link to Modules Website and link to PyPi)
  • It’s Open Source and therefore safer and you can trust it. You are able and very welcome to check the code.
  • It’s not only Open Source, but also GPL. That means it is free.
  • It’s Open Source under GPL. No vendor lock-in. You are always free to export all your data.
  • It is productive, solid and stable.
  • Server and clients are open to all common platforms and operating systems, so it suits also perfect for heterogeneous environments
  • A strong community of developers with local and international know-how are able to produce a tool like Tryton, that also support international needs.
  • Tryton is multi-language (20+ languages) out of the box.
  • Tryton is localized and internationalized, for example with special accounting standards for different countries.
  • It is secure! Rights and roles may be defined granularly.
  • Your employees will like Tryton, because it has a friendly user-interface.
  • Tryton is also a friend of managers: With clever reports one can see, what’s going on.
  • Because of high performance code and database, Tryton is scalable from small to big companies.
  • Tryton is reliable because of famous and reliable PostgreSQL database backend.
  • Tryton suits well ISO 25010. Also see ISO 25010 at (DE)

Consultant Help

Media Help

  • Media Package with short text and pictures

Partners USPs

  • Support a project where the whole society can profit and not only a single company.
  • Let others help you realizing your ideas
  • Many thanks for your support!

General USPs

  • Business Software – Modularity, Scalability & Security for Your Business
  • Vibrant Community – Uninited under a Foundation
  • Professional Service – Supported by a Network of Providers
  • Total Freedom – No vendor lock-in

General Headline

  • Tryton is business software, ideal for companies of any size, easy to use, complete and 100% Open Source.

Picture art

  • Warm filter applied (kind old style chrome effect)
  • Text on pictures on the left side
  • Title in white color on dark background (color gradient to black from right to the left)
  • Subtitle in green color on dard background (doesn’t suit well when long text because not enough contrast)

Icons art

  • Looks like just taken from Google materials
  • Own design language missing

Web and Print
Font styles

  • Font: Roboto Condensed
  • Title: White on dark background, bold style, 40 points (Web)
  • Subtitle: Green, regular style, 24 points (Web)
  • Heading 1: Green, bold style, 32 points (Web)
  • Heading 2: Black, regular style, 16 points (Web)
  • Heading 3: pending
  • Heading 4: pending
  • Heading 5: pending
  • Text: Grey, regular style, 16 points (Web)


  • link color: #267f82
  • link hover color: #1e6668

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