Tryton client 4.2 installer for Windows?

Hello community,
for a first introduction into Tryton I managed to install the debian server package including trytond 4.2.1.
The clients shall run under Windows. Client download is available for version 5.0 only; this client shows “incompatible version of server”. Where can I get the 4.2 client from?
Thanks in advance

Each series has its own download folder:
But if you start with Tryton, I would suggest you to start with the latest version or the long term supported one to avoid unnecessary migration later. There is a repository with up to date packages at

Thank you, ced.
Tried to use the 4.2 client on Windows, which led to an error:‘res:user’ at the database connection.
Starting with the current 5.0 version would be preferable, but is not straightforward with debian since this tryton-server version does not occur on the debian stretch:9.x package list. Debian buster:10 is still on alpha.
Available documentation of the tryton server installation process for debian/ubuntu/docker seems to be very poor. Do you know about a good example to be followed by ‘a linux newbie’ using drag&drop?
Thanks again.

Did you follow the initialization of the database?

Well you could at least start with 4.6.

Indeed Docker is probably the simplest way to have always an up to date version. The usage is deiscribe on the docker hub page.

Hi ced,
thank you.
Indeed, for my tryton-4.2 on debian9 I have forgotten the trytond-admin command. Tryton-4.2 is running now - testing can start.
Next version within the standard debain packages ist tryton-5.0. Managed to update a virtual machine to debian-10-alpha and tryton-5.0. Seens to be some mismatch between the postgres instances version 9.6/11. Still not working.
Docker shall be straigthforward, if you know howto. A fully documented docker-compose.yml/dockerfile will be helpful for newbies.
Thanks again.

The demo docker could be an inspiration: tryton-docker-demo: log

That’s not correct for the server:
Distribution stretch-5.0

with the note

The Tryton client 5.0 is not compatible with the library versions available in stretch (nor in stretch-backports) and is thus currently not usable on Debian stretch.

So you can currently deploy the server 5.0 on stretch, but for the client you have to use buster, because the client is not compatible with older versions of libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0 (see also Tried to install tryton, but it segfaults). As a workaround you could still use a VM running buster on a stretch host. links to

It’s for sure not drag&drop, but may be of some help to you.