Totally New To Tryton!

Hi Guys!

I am trying out Tryton as my side project! I am some experience in Linux so I wanted to try a manual install.

I used this method to install Tryton on my ubuntu, and setup a db on a seperate dbserver.

I am trying to set it up, using ubuntu + postgres(on a seperate DB server)
Everything seems fine but I cant seem to fire up the client to connect to it.

I am trying to connect to it using a windows client, the latest is 5.4.6
My Tryton Server is 5.4.7

The error I am getting is incompatible version of the server. Is this really because of the version ? If so, how can I match the version as client 5.4.6 is the latest windows client version.

Am I getting the error due to some installation problems? If so, I may need to go ahead and run the ubuntu packages instead.

Thank you for the help in advance!

Yes, this error is normally because of the version. The good news is that you would seem to have a running client and server, as the client seems to be talking to the server and finding out what version it is. The bad news is that one of them is probably not the version you think it is.

You need to run both from the same series (the series is defined by the first two parts of the version number, e.g.: version x.y.z is series x.y). So both your server 5.4.7 and client 5.4.6 are from the same series (5.4) so they should work together.

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your reply!

Not too sure what went wrong, instead of troubleshooting, I went ahead to install using the docker Image. It is all fine now. Time for me to familiarize myself with Tryton, doesnt seem to have much tutorial videos out there. Maybe I can start one once I am familiar with it.

Is there any recommended specs for running Tryton on a server?


I’ve just answered this question on another topic. See Minimum requirements to run trytond

Hi Pokoli,

Thank you for the reply.

I am facing some problems which I believe is trivial. I cant seem to configure company, from the wizard it says done, as I have cancelled the configuration when it poped-up earlier, my bad. Is there anywhere I can edit the company details?

As you cancelled it is done.

If you want to re-execute it you can double click on the Done value of the state field and update the state to “Pending”. Then under the actions menú in the toolbar you have the option to re-run the pending actions.

Note that if you re-run teh company it makes sense to re-run the create chart also in order to create a chart of accounts for the newly created company.

Hope it hels!

But all those actions can be done using the proper configuration menu entries (in “Party>Configuration>Companies” and “Financial>Configuration”).

Hi Pokoli and Ced,

I am a little confused here. Is there no option to create my own company first before I create a party? Isnt a party a customer/vendor/supplier ? Does my own name has to be part of a party?

And sorry for another funny question, what is party sequence suppose to mean?


The company has a record as a party. This is a choice we made so that we do not duplicate the party model just to be able to store addresses, identifiers etc of the company.

Please start a new thread per topic.

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Thanks Ced.

Can I clarify then that also means my company/myself is supposed to exist in the list of parties which consists of my customers/vendors/suppliers ?


The list of parties contain any party that has a relation (customer, supplier, employee, contact, carrier, etc.) with the system.