Install client 4.2

Would be great to have a Docker image for ARM!
Meanwhile I have worked my way around this and installed Tryton 4.2.1.
I tried to install a matching client to remotely connect to the server but was unable to find it.
Can you assist me please; I tried sudo apt-get install tryton-client [-t <4.2>] and sudo apt-get install tryton-client -t 4.2 and sudo apt-get install tryton-client [-t 4.2] which did not work.
Thanks, Wil

The series 4.2 is no more supported since 2 years.
You must start with a supported series: 5.0 (LTS) or 5.2 or 5.4.

The distro I am using is Debian Stretch and from your webpage I have learned that Tryton 5.0 is not compatible. I guess I need to install a different distro then or do you have any other advise?

You can use our docker images which are distro independent. You just need to install docker on your debian

Thanks for your reply. I also have the constraint of ARM architecture so Docker won’t work I’m afraid. I’ll try a different distro.
Thanks for your feedback!

Another option is to install the packages directly from pypi using pip.

Well it is a release that ends this year (2020). You should start project with Buster.

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I agree that would be the better option. Thanks!

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