Strange behavior with configuration forms

I have noticed that almost all configurations forms like the one for Party, Accounting, Product, etc when ever you close it after opening, the system always ask you if you want to save the record even though no values were modified. I don’t know if this it a bug that has to do with records implementing the MultiValueMixin where some additional work is done when data is loaded and makes the form think it has been modified. Anyone has seen this strange behavior?

I tested on demo server and I see the message when closing the party configuration without modifying anything. For me it’s a bug. Could you please fill an issue?

It will be great if you can test it with tryton and sao to see if this is something for both clients.

Probably not related to MultiValueMixin but to the fact that configuration are ModelSingleton.

Otherwise the issue should be reproducible also on party form because there are some multivalues also there.

Already known Issue 1505: Singleton creation behavior - Tryton issue tracker

Wow, this is a known issue since 2010! :woozy_face:
Thanks for the help, I will try the patch from the issue tracker or maybe just wait for the next release. This is not a critical issue.

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