Can not save sale with sao

I have a new behavior difference between both client described below.
(If you think I should report it in the bug tracker or anywhere else, just let me know and I’ll do it)

When connected as admin and creating a sale with a test product for a test customer, the non web client saves it correctly (as draft), whereas the web client display the message :
“You try to bypass an access rule.
(Document type:”
As one can see on the screenshot below :

And the Error message occuring in the web console when I clic on the save button is :

jQuery.Deferred exception: this.model.execute(...) is undefined save@http://localhost:8000/dist/tryton-sao.min.js:5:20691

I’m still with the 5.0 version of tryton-sao

Please try with the non-minified version of sao to get a more meaningful error message:

$ rm -f dist/*
$ grunt dev

Another point, you do not seem to be running the series 5.0 for the desktop client and server.
It is absolutely required to use the same series for all components.

I did this and I could save now as the screenshot shows it :

Next I rollbacked to the dist version to reproduce the error…but I didn’t reproduce ! … so it works now whatever the dist or dev version… furthermore the Currency and Company fields are now automatically set whereas in my failing test of yesterday they were not set automatically…
The only change I see in between the failing test of yesterday and the successfull test of this evening could be that I created one sale with the non web client between the two tests sessions… so could the bug occur only when there are no sales in the db … ?
Anyway let’s forget it unless you want to go further and thank’s again.
I will look now in the docs how to solve this release diff between the two clients and the server…