How to know which field of record was modified, if none of them was modified

Hi everyone. When I have the form view and I switch to the next record, it shows me the following message

This record has been modified do you want to save it?

but no field was modified in the view. How can I know which field was modified to be able to debug?.
Thanks in advance.

Probably there is an error on some code. This may be due to the following:

  • One functional field which returns an invalid value for the record type.
  • A bug on tryton client which makes a wrong comparission.

There are two ways to detect the wrong field:

  • Remove field by field of the views until the message does not shown again.
  • Update tryton client source code to print modified fields.

Hope this help!

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If you have a Function field on the form to display a number (float, decimal, numeric or integer) make sure the amount of digits are right.

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Thanks @pokoli

Iā€™m going to try this.
Thanks @edbo I am going to check the digits returned by the functions. I think this may be the problem.

Thank you both. Editing the modified method to print the fields that were modified, I quickly found the fields that generated the problem and the problem was the difference in the digits.

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