Separate the Subscription module from Sale

Navigating trough the sale.subscription module, I found out that (as how the subscription module is written to this date) don’t use any feature of Sale. So i want to discuss cut out Sale from the dependency list (and change the menu items accordingly).

Motivation (non a strong one):

Consider a simple association; they need to generate a recurring invoice (for the obligatory membership fee) but not a full sale workflow (association are not in the sale business, usually).

circumstantial evidence/our user case:

I’m the accountant of a medium/small association, and in our case, we don’t use the sale workflow.

Possible counter arguments:

  • sale_subscription_asset uses the sale module and the subscription module, so it can be problematic (didn’t check the code)
  • possible roadmap feature that make use of the sale workflow

What we gain

  • almost nothing, but it will make me happy :slight_smile:
  • and modularity, don’t forget about that


  • Just ignore the sale workflow

Indeed it uses Product.get_sale_price.

Not the best argument.

For me, modularity is not about cutting everything into the smallest independent part but having enough flexibility in cross-Model interactions.

I do not think it worth the effort of removing get_sale_price from the sale module.
As you said, if you do not need sale just do not use it. There are probably plenty other models that you do not use now but still activated.

Ahaa ok, didn’t saw that. So my argument is moot (and didn’t have a solid reason to back-up the separation to begin with).
I think you can close this discussion. Thank for your response.