How to post lines from sales to subscription?

Hi community,
Im using sales and i dont know to how to post lines from sales to subscription to rent my products that i quoted on sales…


IIRC you cannot.

A subscription is apart of sales workflow.

Subscription module is used to automatically schedule consumptions of services and invoices of this consumptions.

I think that in your case a valid workflow (at least for me) would be to use the sale to manage it for the first time of that sale and once approved and invoiced create a new subscription to automatically scheduled the rest of consumptions and invoices the rest of life of the contract.

Hi @josesalvador and thanksm but That is bad because subscription depends from sales but likewise if i use sales and later invoice and later subscription that is a manual process how to control duplication invoice?

I suggest you that the first invoice comes from the sales workflow in order to manage the sale.

After that, the second and above invoices can be generated from a subscription not sale.

that ll be terrible, to have two parallel process when maybe is possible to only one workflow when beginning on sales, later sales to invoice and these lines post them to subscription on same action.

Subscription can not be managed by sale because it is a completely different workflow. A subscription requires a start date and optionally an end date which are not available on sale. Also it needs to create an invoice for each period etc.
I strongly unadvise to use sale at all for rental. Just use the subscription module.


Just an additional question.

how to can to post party name and party invoice address from sale to subscription when click confirm or process button on sale?