How to edit or create a workflow?

Hi community, i want use sales, subscriptions and invoice to this:

to make a quote with sales and later when click process button, post to subscriptions to reserve asset rented and send to invoice…

this is possible?

Workflow is closely linked to the code. So if you want to change the behavior of some models, you need to create a module and adapt methods.

I do not see the point to use a sale order for that as it will be responsible of nothing. Just create a subscription.


we first present a quote to customer and if customer accept it we need to create subscription.

Subscription has a quotation state.

i ll test.

one question: i like workflow from sale to send to invoice, can to extend sale module it and integrate fields and other functions like had subscription module?

Yes, I guess you can extend the Sale.process method and add creation of other documents.