Secondary currency of accounts

Accounts have a “Secondary Currency” fields that if filled, Tryton ensures that all move lines of that account have an amount for that secondary currency.

However it is not possible to set this to with payable/receivable/revenue/expense accounts.

What is the reason to forbid the secondary currency in these kind of accounts?

We’ve got a case in which the customer would like to have this for supplier/customers too.

Do I understand correctly that the only reason is that there’s no way to force that at purchase/sale level? Or is there something else I’m missing?

Because we can not force to have such accounts always in two currencies.
What currency will you use for a payable in the company currency?

The secondary currency enforcement is mainly to keep a double balance for balance account like bank account.

In that case you’d use a specific payable/receivable account for the secondary currency. For example, the Spanish chart of accounts already has such accounts for foreign currencies:

So the user could create 4004001 for suppliers in USD, 4004002 for suppliers in YEN, etc. and assign them as default accounts for the appropriate parties.

This is interesting because the same way the user needs to know the money they have in the bank in another currency they also need to know how much money they owe their suppliers in that currency.

This helps in computing a good cashflow report in foreign currencies.

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