Wizard to update value of an account in a second currency?

Currently accounts can have a second currency set, which ensures that all move lines of the given account have the second_amount set.

Those are usually used for bank accounts that are managed in other currencies.

However, on year or month closing, the value of those accounts are not updated to reflect the current value of the accounts in their respective currencies.

So what we miss is a way to easily update the value of an account with the current value of that second currency.

I’d like to propose to add a new wizard to the account module: the wizard will show a date prompt, which will be used to create a move at the given date that adjusts the accounting value (in the company currency) to match the value it has based on the second currency and the currency rates for the given date.

I wonder if the wizard should pick all accounts that have a second currency, or we should have a checkbox that says “Update balance based on second currency”.

Opinions? Alternatives?

This has already been propose in Best practice for multi-currency set-up - #2 by ced

For me the wizard need to have a selection of accounts with a secondary currency which is filled by default for the company.

Also I think it should be possible to setup a scheduled task.

Thanks for pointing out.

Hopefully we will propose a patch soon.