Deciding on multiple currency setup

I saw a few threads discussing the multi-currency support

What is the current status of multi-currency, for example, does it have a mechanism to update rates and balances daily and automatically?

Is it easy to override rates quickly and easily, for example, if I make a credit card payment for a foreign purchase, can Tryton capture the expense with both the foreign currency amount and the local currency amount calculated by my bank? Or do I have to enter everything in the currency of the credit card account only?

Are there any significant issues or features that are not complete in this area of Tryton?

This is a new feature that will land on the upcomming 6.0 release

If you introduce the invoice on a forgeing currency the invoice module will convert it to company currency for accounting while keeping the amount of the foreign currency. If you create the account move manually you will have the option to introduce the second currency and it’s amount.

On tryton we use the account_statement module to introduce the bank moves and recocile it with invoices. As this is related to a bank account (which is fixed at a single currency) the bank will give you the amounts in the currency. From there you will be able to pay invoices in any currency.

In case there are some diferences due to exchange rate, you will be able to use a writeoff method to reconcile enter the diferences on a expense or revenue account.

I do not think there are any significant issues with multicurrency setup. It has been working since the very first versions of Tryton with manual rates, and it’s now easier thanks to automatic rate download.