SAO hide fields in tree view compared to GTK client

I detect in some tree views, some fields are hidden in SAO.

Is it an expected feature?

For example, timesheet tree view I have 11 fields.

  • In GTK I see 11 fields
  • In SAO I see 6 fields

Sao should behave the same way as Tryton.

Could you please provide more information? Which types of fields are hidden? Which is the view definition?
Could you reproduce on some standard view? Which version are you using?

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It’s no same beahvoir. In insepect code I have all cell table, but I attach some screen that in SAO hidden some cells.



Missing fields:

  • Data (Date)
  • Finalizat (end)
  • Temps finalitzat (time end)
  • Finalitza: button