Sao : Too few rows read per read request


When displaying a tree view with sao, I noticed that my client only requests 2 rows per post request, generating dozens of post requests per view display.

An exemple of request parameters :
id=123,, params:{{64,120},…}

When using the demo server ( with its sao version, all rows are requested and loaded by only one request.

:question: Witch configuration parameter did I messed up ?

Thank you for your help.

Below are fragments of my config files :
conf.ini :
model = 100
record = 100
field = 100

sao.js :
Sao.config = {};
Sao.config.limit = 20;
Sao.config.display_size = 20;
Sao.config.roundup = {};
Sao.config.roundup.url = ‘’;
Sao.config.title = ‘(test server)’;
Sao.config.icon_color = ‘#00387b’;//’#3465a4’;
Sao.config.bus_timeout = 10 * 60 * 1000;

Probably this is due to the fact that Sao.config.limit is 20, increasing the limit should request more rows per request.

Thank you pokoli, that the right solution !

I dug a bit in the source code : I believed Sao.config.limit was the maximum row retched.
It’s actually the amount of fields requested.
Multiplying limit by 10 solved the problem.

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