Resize List View Column with Handle

The width of columns often doesn’t suit the content. Titles are cut, numbers are not visible. This problem occurs in usual list views, but also in lists included in form views. An easy solution was to have a simple handle.

On TUB23 we saw a good way in adding a corresponding extension (using javascript and css). Kalenis already a similar solution, but that was done in way not preferred by the core team.

Here a screenshot showing the problem and a mockup with the solution.

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Can somebody share a link to the corresponding extension to implement it? Thanks!

I thought that the default column sizing was solved with Tree column size should be in em not px (#10534) · Issues · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab
But maybe we need just to improve the default width (maybe for date/time/duration)?
Also maybe in your example there are some expand attribute missing on the view?

I always prefer that the user does not have to care about arranging the display.

After that discussion, I think @htgoebel and I found a very simple solution:

  • columns containing numbers should always be fixed to minimum width (with a little space before and behind of course), there is no use of manually making them wider or smaller,
  • if there is a saldo (total) column right edge, it should always be visible, no matter what,
  • text columns can be changed in width, only those change width with change of the menu column width.

This solution was not possible before because columns could not be made invisible. But now they can, so if a window is too crowded, user can just uncheck certain columns instead of messing around with sliders.

Just my 2 cts - and 4ct from Hartmut… (;