Reduce time in report generation


I would like to know how to increase speed generation of reports. I use libreoffice and ODT files to it but the normal time to generate a report is between 500ms and 750ms but sometimes takes more, until 2000ms.

So I want to reduce time if possible in report generation.

Thanks in advance.

Are you converting ODT file into PDF? This process is launching a libreoffice process each time which is quite consuming and so the launch time may be variable. If it is the case it may be good to use an external service to make the conversion.

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Yes, I’m converting ODT file into PDF. In effect, without using PDF the report generation is near 300ms.

Could you recommed me an external service for it or is better to work with ODT files directly?

Is any advance to work with HTML reports?

There was py3o.fusion · PyPI but it seems abandoned.
There is also GitHub - unoconv/unoconv: Universal Office Converter - Convert between any document format supported by LibreOffice/OpenOffice. (which we used before but had some problem with random failure).

I do not see the relation with the topic. Any way you can use HTML file as template for report.

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If you need PDF output and are worried about the performance you may use an alternate engine. At NaN-tic we’ve used jasper_reports for many years now, which has a very good performance.

Although it is less performant than jasper_reports, we’re moving to html_report which uses weasyprint for rendering the PDF.

If you do not want to depend on external modules, core engine also supports weasyprint, if available.


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