Odt to pdf while printing?

So we are building custom reports in Shipments . I was thinking a way where we get the pdf instead of odt while printing ?

Yes, on the Action Report model there is a Report Extension field. Setting this field to Portable Document Format will indicate the server that a conversion to PDF should be done before showing the report to the user.

Please note that you will need to have libreoffice installed on your server. If you are using the docker image, make sure to use the tags with -office suffix (i.e 6.2-office).

Hey @pokoli
I tried running the following command

`docker run --name aal-berm -p 8047:8000 --link aal-postgres:postgres -e DB_PASSWORD=mysecretpassword  -d tryton/tryton -office`

I am still getting the following error

uwsgi: unrecognized option '--office'

You should use tryton/tryton:office as docker image if you want to use the latests one.

Thanks for the reply I was thinking how could I do the same for 5.8 tryton

Never mind
I used the tag tryton/tryton:5.8-office it sorted the issue

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