Not understanding Purchase order prices

Under Products/Variants I have entered various parts to purchase. I have an internal id (Code in Variants) for each distinct part. Each part may be supplied by different companies so in Parts/Variants under Suppliers I put each company which can supply the distinct part along with their price.

But when I add this part to a Purchase it shows the price as 0

I thought the purpose of having different Supplier entries for a part with separate pricing is to handle the situation which Supplier prices are different but it doesn’t seem to be working that way.

Or maybe I need some other Module for this?

You show the invoice not the purchase.
Invoice does not compute any price only purchase or sale does.

I added the wrong screenshot.
Here is Purchases:

As the price you set start at 100 unit, it is normal that the system does not use it.

I misunderstood the meaning of the unit, I thought it meant volume pricing.

Thank you.

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