No user or work shown in the timesheet firefox extension


I’ve installed the timesheet module and the firefox extension. The setting process and the required validation has been done (validating the key in user pref). My user has IMHO all the authorisations required, but i’m not able to select an employee in the extension interface. Selecting a work doen’t work either (none of them are shown).

Everything works fine in the desktop client, but I can’t make this extensiton work… is this application still supposed to? What could be the problem?

Thanks for your help!

The chronos extensions requires you to set an employee to start working.
This employee will be the one use for the timesheet lines encoded with it.

Only employees related to the authentificated user are shown on the dropdown. I guess you do not have any so it shows an empty value. You should link your user with some employees and you will be able to start using it after.

Hope it helps

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Indeed. Once an employee have been added, in preferences or admin/user this works as expected. Thanks!

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