CHRONOS time sheet setup

Gave the chronos browser addon another try to manage my freelance activities - and again could not find the way. Addon text says

To setup, you must first register Chronos to your Tryton server with the address, the database and your username. The server must have the timesheet module activated. Once registered, the application must be validated on the user preferences dialog from Tryton.

Hm. I really wonder which IT genius can understand these words, and I could not find any other instructions. Would somebody be so kind and translate them into dummy-userish?

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Let’s break it into pieces and put it in a bit different order:

  1. The server must have the timesheet module activated / installed
  2. Register Chronos to your Tryton server with the url, the database and your username. A key will be generated in Tryton which needs to be validated
  3. Login into Tryton itself with the client
  4. Validate the key. You can find the key in you preferences dialog box and tab ‘Applications’

It’s kind of the same as Better GUI for the "timesheet" module? - #5 by edbo

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Sorry, but it looks as if I’m much more incompetent than you think… );


Think of the extension as an application that makes API calls. You need to point the extension to the correct database.

  • Where is running Tryton?
  • Which database is using? tryton … demo …
  • Who is using this extension? admin … herrdeh … (same as the user explained in the 4th step by edbo)

This is the 3 fields that the extension asks you for in the setup. The key is autogenerated. You can check that procedure even in Tryton in the steps mentioned by edbo.

You never ever say that out loud! :wink: Just ask the question in such a manner that it seems that you want confirmation.

You can read it as:
Chronos is like a client to Tryton. Login (or register) into Tryton with Chronos (click on that stopwatch icon in your browser and fill out the fields and click “register”). Tryton generates a key for you which you have to accept (or validate) with the real Tryton client. After that you can use Chronos.

So no need to do anything on the Tryton side with configuration etc.

Thank you so much. Pointing me to browser’s clock item was the first crucial step, I did not see it mentioned anywhere (probably my fault). Registering in the client worked as well.

Now it seems I need to select an employee, but I cannot. I have one (me) set up in company > employees, but that seems not to be enough. In the projects’ section, I cannot find a control to assign tasks or projects to employees, which I guess is necessary. True? - And where would I do this entry?


You also have to link an employee to a user. So you login into Tryton as a user and that user have to be linked to a employee.

To do that, as admin go to Administration -> Users -> Users and open the user. You have to do 4 things:

  1. add the company to the company list
  2. add the employee(s) to the employees list
  3. set the current company to the company you want
  4. set the current employee to the employee you want.

You have to do this in that specific order because the last 2 are based on the first two.

No, there is no possibility to add employees to a project or task and for this it isn’t necessary. This is about timesheet lines / entries and you can select a project or task to be linked to that timesheet line. Just test it out to see how it works.

Allright, got it. Have now associated an employee and can select it in Chronos. But now, I have to select a “work”, but I cannot. Entries for “project” and “task” are available. What do I have to do?

I’m not a psychiatrist :wink: so can you explain at a little bit more?

Wait a second … did you have checked timesheet on your project or task?

The timehseet avialable flag on the projects and tasks is used to determine if such record will have a work available to record timesheets.

You just need to take care of activating the flag for the required records.

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I’m still having problems to find the correspondance between chronos and tryton entries. So I deleted all recent “project” entries, and all “tasks”. Nevertheless, I could still find the deleted entries in chronos for quite some time; I do not know why they vanished.

Now, I created new “works” entry in timesheet configuration. Nevertheless, I can only see old entries, not the new one in cronos.

I tried to run the 5’ action from the scheduler manually, but that does not help. Is it true that there is some delay between a timesheet entry in tryton client - and its appearence in chronos?


Allright. After an hour or so, entries seem to be sorted now. Old entries gone, new ones visible. Strange, but fine now.

What I do not understand yet - how is “timesheet” and “projects” related? - How do “works”, “projects”, “work effort” and “tasks” interact? - I would have expected “works” to be a part of a “project” - but i cannot find a control to link “works” into a project.

The timesheet is a module on it’s own and can act in that way. So when other modules want to interact with the timesheet module they have to create “works” linked to them. This is done by the Origin field you see in the “works”.

So how does the project module interact with the timesheet module? With the timesheet checkbox you see in the project or task form under tab General.

The works are cached in Chronos for 1 hour.

With help from my friend @rmartin I could solve the problem.
My present impression of that issue is:

  • in German translation “projects” from project module is called differently: “Tätigkeit”. So if you don’t know that it’s the same entity, you’re lost. German translation maintainer @timitos is now informed about that.
  • To make things a little more challenging, in chronos this entity is called “work”. My suggestion is to make all these the same. As they are.