Better GUI for the "timesheet" module?

I learned how to use the “timesheet” module, but could not yet find it not super sexy, usage does not really save me time if I just want to record the times for a consulting job. I know, that there should be a web client for that.

When thinking about it I found that we may already have the optimal GUI in our pockets:
Our smartphones and our PIM calendars.

I would always have appointments for jobs in my calendar, it would be easy to create a separate calendar for invoiceable consulting jobs. Each calendar entry could have a keyword which would assign it to a certain customer, for example in the “about” line. When the appointment is finished, I can easily change the scheduled hours to the hours actually served.

Tryton could read form the calDAV records in my owncloud and write the results into the timesheet module, when the invoice is finalized, these entries can be corrected and fixated(posted).

I read HERE that contacts sync with CardDAV already is an ISSUE. So probably this project could be docked there. I’d be happy to hear whether this idea makes sense.

For me Chronos solves the problem. Indeed at B2CK since the first release of Chronos, I fill all my timesheet with it. I only open Tryton rarely to make corrections.

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Same here. We use chronos to set the timesheet lines. No need to open Tryton for adding timesheet lines.

I tried to install the chronos browser add-on, but it does not connect to the DB and presents an empty error message, just with an “OK”.

I’m using a PIP installation and cannot connect to tryton with my browser, only with the GTK client. Guess that’s the reason. I could enhance my install, but that’s low prio at the moment.

Nevertheless - IMHO a calendar is sort of “native” structure to record date and time.

You have to use a complete url like http://tryton.myserver.lan:80. Or when you are working on the same machine you probably can use http://localhost:8000.

If everything goes well, you get a message to accept the key in the Tryton client.