New website design

(Cédric Krier) #42


Not for now, but you can follow the progress at log

(Felipe Morato) #43

I’m quite glad to see the website efforts. Looks good. And nice to see many people contributing to it.

These are my observations:

The contrast of links were not so nice on my screen and to my eyes. Running google lighthouse for home page and download page also pointed that the links’ contrast ratio is not optimal.


  • Text contrast for the first banner subtitle (Modularity, scalability & security for your business) looks weird on my screen.
  • Animations are a bit slow for my taste. It feels like I have to wait for the content to appear.

Get Tryton

  • It is not clear that there is a desktop client for linux, as the section for desktop clients does not mention it.
  • If there is a focus in non-technical people accessing the website, it seems to me that Desktop client is more relevant than docker image and should come first.
  • For the packages section, it should be mentioned what are each of those packages
  • The link to PyPi could include the search query for Tryton to make it more relevant.


  • It could be interesting to have the logo of different systems and platforms Tryton supports: Windows, Mac, Linux, Docker, Browser. Or point out somehow the flexibility Tryton has.

(Cédric Krier) #44

But it is not ready-to-use. I think we will add it if someone provides a way to build one.

A desktop client is useless if there is no server. The docker image contains the server and a client so it is more accessible (and also very common today).

We can not list 150 packages and it will be unmaintainable as new one are created every month.

The link uses the classifier Tryton which is a better option than a query search.

Material Icon has no such logo.

(Felipe Morato) #45

What would be a suitable format? Does snap or flatpak satisfy?

I don’t mean to list all of them but to explain the ones that are there. eg.

        $ pip install trytond # tryton server
        $ pip install tryton # tryton client
        $ pip install trytond_sale # tryton server module

Add desktop build for Linux
(Felipe Morato) #46

The Fedora link under Distributions returns a 404.

(udono) #47

It would be good IMHO, but we need a maintainer for this, which is a long-term commitment.

(udono) #48

carousel 3: Community Reunite under the Foundation

Why is the term ‘reunite’ used? For me, it sounds like the community was split up once. Isn’t it be better to use just the term ‘United’?

The other Carousels have a second/deuxième word in the heading. So why not:

Vibrant Community United under the Foundation

(David Harper) #49

This sound good to me.

(David Harper) #50

I see there are a few more pages available now, so here are my suggestions:


No changes, this all seems to be fine to me.


  • Header: change “goals which ultimately” to “goals . This ultimately”.
  • Header: change “business solution for companies” to “business solution to companies”.
  • Header: change “No matter they’re big or small” to “No matter whether they’re big or small”.
  • Header: change “any vendor lock ins” to “vendor lock-in
  • Header: change “support the Foundation” to “supporting the Foundation”.
  • Header: change “continues growing” to “continues to grow”.
  • Contibute: change “welcome community contribution” to “welcome contributions from the community”.

(Cédric Krier) #51

All remarks have been applied and there is now the “service providers” page.
I plan to make the “become a service provider”, “how to develop” and “communication channel” pages for the week end than I think we could make the switch. We will complete after that the success stories one by one because I think they all need to be reworked to be more attractive and follow the same patterns.

(Cédric Krier) #52

The last missing pages have been added. I plan to make the switch Monday 22 around 18:00 CEST.

(David Harper) #53

I have just finished looking at the last 4 pages, and here are some suggestions for changes that you might want to consider. I’m sorry this list is so long…


  • TL;DR: Consider changing “Submit your patch” to “Submit a patch”.

Report Issue:

  • Change “Report Issue” to “Reporting Issues”.

Submit Change:

  • Change “Submit Change” to “Submitting Changes”.
  • Consider changing the points to:
    • Follow the coding guidelines.
    • Submit your patch to our code review tool using one of the methods listed below.
    • Make sure the review has the repository name at the start of the codereview message, and ensure the review description contains a reference to the issue (e.g.: issue1234).
    • Once accepted your review will be validated with a LGTM comment from a core developer.
    • Your change will then be commited and pushed by a core developer. The commit message will be the review subject (with repository name stripped) and the review description. The reference to the review (e.g.: review123456) will be automatically added to the commit message.
    • Close the review once your patch has been applied.

Submit Change (Script):

  • Change “Download and see the help page.” to “Download and read its help page.”

Submit Change (Mercurial Extension):

  • Change “Edit the file as:” to “Edit the file to include:”.
  • Change “erver =” to “server =”.
  • Change “Then you can upload your patch” to “You can then upload your patch”
  • Change “do not commit before upload” to “do not commit before doing this”.
  • Change “the series number to repository name” to “the series number to the repository name”.

Publish Change:

  • Change “Publish Change” to “Publishing Changes”.
  • Change “Push to remove server” to “Push to the remote server”.
  • Change “It happens because your local repository” to “This happens because your local repository”.
  • Change “Keep the environment repository always up to date with all subrepos” to “Always keep the environment repository up to date with all the subrepos”.

Coding Guidelines (Python):

  • Change “Code style follows in general PEP8” to “Code style, in general, follows PEP8”

Coding Guidelines (Recommended Practices):

  • Change “define all pool objects it will used” to “define all pool objects that will be used”.

Coding Guidelines (Naming of modules, classes, variables):

  • Change “Avoid unnecessary duplicate of names” to “Avoid unnecessary duplication of names”.
  • Change “First part left of the name is the general functioning of the module or model” to “First part of the name is the general function of the module or model”.
  • Change “after this comes the less general name parts (= the more specific name parts) of the module or model” to “after this come the less general parts of the name (i.e. the more specific parts of the name) for the module or model”
  • Change “If you are unsure with naming, please request first on the mailing list” to “If you are unsure with naming, please ask first on the mailing list”.
  • Change “For modules and method names use underscore for separating the name parts” to “For modules and method names use an underscore to separate the parts of the name”.


  • Consider changing “Your contribution should meet the following requirements” to “Your contribution must meet the following requirements”.
  • Change “By submitting patch” to “By submitting a patch”.


  • Change “Bigger fixes need approval from other core developer.” to “Bigger fixes need approval from other core developers.”
  • Change “in case of disagreement” to “in the case of disagreement”
  • Change “At last the project leader (Cédric Krier) takes a decision” to “As a last resort the project leader (Cédric Krier) will make the decision”

Back port:

  • Change “Back port” to “Backport”.
  • Change “security bugs which are applied at once on all affected series” to “security bugs which are applied at once to all affected series”.


  • Forum: Change “communication medium in the community is on our forum” to “communication method for the community is our forum”
  • Forum: Change “We discuss new features, provide to each others support” to “We discuss new features, provide each other with support
  • IRC: Change “we have multiple channels on freenode network” to “we have multiple channels on the freenode network”.
  • Mailing Lists: Change “They are listed here for archive” to “They are listed here for reference”.


I am reluctant to suggest too many changes to the items on this page as I don’t really feel like it is my place to be telling these companies how to describe themselves. Having said that, here are some suggested changes, that they/you might want to consider.

  • Adiczion: “Specialist in integration of the Tryton ERP” to “Specialists in integration of Tryton ERP”.
  • Adiczion: “accompaniment”? Perhaps they meant “support”?
  • Adiczion: “development of functional complement around this solution”? Perhaps they mean something like “development of functionality around your chosen solution”?
  • B2CK: “as long as advanced core features” to “as well as advanced core features”.
  • B2CK: “B2CK provides also support” to “B2CK also provides support”.
  • Coopengo: No changes.
  • Datalife: No changes.
  • First Telecom: No changes.
  • gcoop: “Since 2011 we work with the Tryton system and contribute to this community.” to “Since 2011 we have worked with the Tryton system and have contributed to its community.”
  • Lava Lab Software: No changes.
  • m-ds: “As its roots in cross-plattform” to “With its roots in cross-platform”.
  • m-ds: “Python development in special Zope/Plone competence” to “Python development, and a special competence in Zope/Plone”.
  • NaN-tic: No changes.
  • SlSalp: “SISalp provides following services” to “SISalp provides the following services”.
  • SlSalp: “services from best contributors” to “services from the best contributors”.
  • Virtual Things: “The active promoter” to “An active promoter”
  • Virtual Things: “integration phase” to “integration phases”.


  • Change “listed as a service providers?” to “listed as a service provider?”.
  • 1 Contribute: Change “reputation of expertize inside the community” to “reputation for expertize within the community”.
  • 2 Request Listing: Change “Once you think you have reach a good level of reputation” to “Once you think that your reputation has reached a high enough level”.
  • 4 Keep up to date: I am not exactly sure what is meant by “and keep update yours.”, so I’m guessing you meant “and keep your existing success stories up to date”. However an alternative could be “and keep your company information up to date” (suggesting you should keep your company information on the service providers page up to date), or “and keep your company information and existing success stories up to date”.

Other things that I noticed:

  • On the service-providers page there is a blank card just below the title at the top, and inside the section containing the title.
  • On the develop page, the items “Clone the repository”, “Make your modification”, “Submit your patch”, seem like they should be three items in a list. However “Clone the repository” appears larger, and “Make your modification” and “Submit your patch” are shown one after the other on the same line. Perhaps they should all be made the same as the “Clone the repository”, each on its own line?
  • On the forum page the “Be considerate of others, follow the netiquete” is right at the bottom of the page, and not in any section. Perhaps it should be higher up, or if it only applies to the mailing lists then maybe it should be in the mailing list section?

I hope this has been helpful.

(Cédric Krier) #54

Why? We are talking to the developer so it is his patch.

Why for me it is action.

It is not only for code.

I guess your browser prevent to load the map from osm.

(David Harper) #55

I can see your point, I guess that I see it slightly differently. I like the way you have changed it to “Submit your change”.

Ah, okay, then you might want to say “Report an Issue”, “Submit a Change” and “Publish a Change”.

Okay, that’s fine, I only suggested it as it is described as “Tryton Code Review Tool” on the page.

Yes, that sounds like very likely, but it seems to be working fine now. Thanks.

Just looked through the updated pages, and noticed a couple of very minor things that might have got lost in the mass of suggested changes:

  • /develop: Submit change: “Once accepted your review will be validated with a LGTM comment from a core developers” the “s” at the end of “developers” should be removed.
  • /develop: Publish change: Change “Push to the remove server” to “Push to the remote server”.
  • /develop: Backporting: Change “once to all affected series followed a release” to “once to all affected series following a release”.
  • /service-providers/start: Keep up to date: Change “submit new success stories and keep update yours” to “submit new success stories”.
  • /forum: forum: Change “provide each other support” to “provide each other with support”.
  • /forum: mailing lists: One I might have missed earlier, change “We have also some mailing lists” to “We also have some mailing lists”.

(Cédric Krier) #56

Indeed the release comes after. So I changed to “and followed by a release”.

(Cédric Krier) #57

The website is on line now.
Thanks everyone for the contribution and review.
Further changes (like rewrite of success stories or topic descriptions) will go through the workflow:

(Sergi Almacellas Abellana) #58

Thank you too for making it possible :wink:

I see now the success stories more button does not open anything. Is this done on purpose?

Should we ask the success stories authors to rewrite them?

(Cédric Krier) #59

Yes, there are nothing for now.

I plan to rewrite ours (B2CK) as an example before asking others.

(David Harper) #60

Yes, this makes much more sense than what I had suggested.

Yes, good work on getting the new website on line. :+1:

(Nicolas Évrard) #61

And thanks to @dave for the complete review of our broken english :slight_smile: !