New website design

(Cédric Krier) #22

I have setup a initial version of the website with the new design: log
You can see it running on
It is a Flask application with some memory caching. It fetch the 3 last news from and the three next events from Tryton calendar. They are all based on standard format: RSS and iCal, so we could change the platform as long those format are available.
To ease the deployment and the update, it is a docker image build from docker-compose. There is a cron task running every hour that run hg pull -u and docker-compose up --build. The main server redirect via proxy to the local docker image which is listening only on localhost:5000 (uwsgi server).
There are only the main page for now.

(David Harper) #23

I like the new design for the website, it looks modern and professional. I have a few minor suggestions for improvement and/or consideration:

  • In “No vendor locking” change “locking” to “lock-in”.
  • In “TRYTON is a business software for all” remove the “a”.
  • Possibly drop or change the “for all” from “TRYTON is business software for all, easy to use, complete and 100% Open Source.” because it just makes it sound a bit weird.
  • In “TRYTON includes all those features fully integrated” change “those” to “these”.
  • Change or reword “Reports all transactions of your chart of accounts”. Possibly to “Records all transactions to your chart of accounts”.
  • In “Tracks goods in your warehouses from reception to delivery.” change “reception” to “receipt”.
  • In “Breaks down your expenses and revenues by categories.” change “by categories” to “by category”, or “into categories”.
  • In “Follows your requests for quotation and reduce cost by grouping orders.” change “reduce cost” to “reduces costs”.
  • In “Transform raw materials into finished products with bill and routing.” consider changing “bill” to “BOMs” or “bill of materials”, as otherwise it sounds like “bill and routing” could be two people.
  • In “Packages shipments for your carriers.” change “Packages” to “Package”.
  • In “Checks the profitability of projects and never forget to invoice the customers” change “forget” to “forgets”.

(Cédric Krier) #24

But how can we said that it is for all?

For the conjugation, I will change all the description for the form: “You …”. I think it is more personal and get the reader involved.

(albert) #25

What about “for everyone”?

(David Harper) #26

I understand your concern, so what about something like “Tryton is business software, ideal for any business, easy to use, complete and 100% open source”?

(Cédric Krier) #27

But then there are twice the term “business”.
What about: “Tryton is business software, ideal for any company size, easy to use, complete and 100% Open Source”?

(David Harper) #28

Good point.

“Tryton is business software, ideal for companies of any size, easy to use, complete and 100% Open Source”.

(David Harper) #29

I have just had another look at the design for the new website.

Now that the descriptions have been updated I have noticed a few more things that I think could be slightly improved.

  • In “Record all transactions of your chart of accounts” change “of your” to “in your”.
  • In “Follow your requests for quotation and reduces cost by grouping orders” change “reduces cost” to “reduce costs”.
  • In “Check the profitability of projects and never forget to invoice the customers” change “the customers” to just “customers”.

I also noticed that the dropdown menu for “Services” appears to be partly off the side of the page at some page sizes in my browser (Firefox 60.2.2esr).

Apart from those very minor things it is looking good!

(Cédric Krier) #30

The wording is corrected now. I send your remark about the menu to the web designer.
For information, there are also many other pages that could be reviewed.

(David Harper) #31

I didn’t realize there were other pages that could be reviewed.

Is it okay to post here for each different page, or is there a better way of doing the reviews?

(Cédric Krier) #32

I think for now, it is OK. But once the website will be in production (I hope by the end of the week), it will be better to use the bugtracker.

(David Harper) #33

I have had a look at the other pages now, and have quite a lot of suggestions and comments.

Sorry this reply is quite long…


  • Change “TRYTON is a business software for all, easy to use, complete and 100% Open Source.” to match the index page.


  • Change “A Mutual of Medical Federation of Buenos Aires.” to “A Medical Mutual Society in Buenos Aires”.
  • In “Offers all kinds of MRI scans, nuclear medicine and bone densitometry.” I suggest changing “Offers” to “Provides”, as a slight improvement.


  • Try Without Installing: I suggest “We host a public shared demo server. It is filled with some example data that gets reset every day.”.
  • Docker Image: I suggest “A docker container that comes pre-installed with the server, modules and web client. This is a very simple way of locally installing and exploring the application. It is also production ready for easy deployment. These images are updated every week.”.
  • Desktop Client: I suggest “A ready-to-use client for your desktop. You can manage and connect to different servers using the same client.”
  • Source Files: I suggest “The source code for the release of each component is available in an archive file. These are useful for creating packages.”.
  • Chronos: I suggest “We also publish an optional add-on that can be used to manage timesheets from inside your browser.”
  • Chronos: The “Download for Chome” should be “Download for Chrome”.
  • Packages: I suggest “All the packages are also published on the Python Package Index. Tryton modules from third parties can also be found there.<br/>You can install them using the pip command-line tool:”
  • Distributions: I suggest “Tryton is also packaged and distributed by third-party volunteers. These generally provide better integration with the operating system, but often there is a delay before new versions make it into their distributions.”.


  • Change “please send an email at” to “please send an email to”.


  • Help Users: Change “We relies” to “We rely”.
  • Spread the word: Change “Help us to increase” to “Help us increase”.
  • Spread the word: Change “and and” to “and”.
  • Report Bugs & Issues: I suggest “If you encounter any issues, then let us know about them. Reporting bugs and issues that have not already been reported helps us maintain our high quality level.”, I found it hard to get the “be sure it is not yet known” into this without sounding off-putting.
  • Submit Changes: I suggest “Developers can propose changes to fix issues, add new features or improve the software and documentation. You can get started by solving some issues that are marked as easy.”.
  • Submit Changes: The link to the easy items does not appear to link through to the easy items.
  • Translate: I suggest: “Tryton does not speak your language yet? You’ve found a typo in the translation? Get translating! We use a server to share the translation effort. Translation terms are updated on a monthly basis.”
  • Write Blueprint: Change title to “Write Blueprints”.
  • Write Blueprint: I suggest “Large changes and sizable features must first be discussed with the community so a consensus can be reached.”
  • Write Blueprint: Change “Submit blueprint” to “Submit a blueprint”.


  • Foundation: Change “under the Belgian Law” to “formed under Belgian Law”.
  • Foundation: Change “the free software Tryton” to “Tryton as free software”.
  • Donations: Change “page to know more” to “page to learn more”.
  • Donations: Change “the Foundation to keep its activity” to “the Foundation keep going”.
  • Donations: Change “how has already supported us” to “who has already supported us”.
  • How is the foundation organized: Change “In a democratic spirit” to “In the spirit of democracy”
  • How is the foundation organized: Change “a board of director has been appointed” to “a board of directors has been appointed”.
  • How is the foundation organized: Change “is the current the president of the board” to “is the current president of the board”

Other things I noticed when viewing the pages in Firefox 60.2.2esr:

  • On the download, presentations, and contribute pages when the page width is between about 750px and 1200px the column containing the text seems to be quite narrow compared to the content on the other pages, and also that page at smaller page widths (only around a third of the page width contains content).

  • On the download page, when the page is just under 1200px wide the “Launch the demo” and the table containing the username and passwords are on the same line and overlap.

  • On the download page the title for each section (“Try without installing”, “Docker Image”, etc.) is closer to the previous section than it is to the contents of its section.

(Cédric Krier) #34

Thanks, I fixed all of them.

Yes probably. I wrote this sentence when I just had to close for the x times a duplicate bugs so I was probably a little bit angry :slightly_smiling_face:

(udono) #35

I like the idea of Dominique to re-phrase the second carousel text from

  • 100% Open Source no vendor lock-in
  • 100% Freedom no vendor lock-in

(Jose Salvador) #36

I’m so sorry but I don’t find out that Dominique opinion, anyway, IMHO, I prefer Open Source to Freedom. Freedom is closer to Free Software and Free Software is not Open Source Software.


That’s precisely what Dominique points out, and if I’m not mistaken Tryton is under GPL license which makes it a Free Software and not just an Open Source Software.
I prefer the re-phrase of Dominique.
My 2 cents

(Jose Salvador) #38

Yeah, You’re absolutely right (Wikipedia reference), but it is quite common to non-technical people understand Free Software as a Freemium (business model) 'cause using similar words, so use Open Source instead of Free Software breaks out that missunderstanding, IMO, of course.

(Cédric Krier) #39

I think the point was to opposite clearly “lock-in” against “Freedom” when “Open Source” is not directly opposite.
But in general for the website, we use the term “Open Source” for its marketing value (the goal of the website) except for the foundation goal which refers to the political goal.

(udono) #40

For me it is the pictorial language of a human on top of a hill above the sky, all possibilities in Hand, which supports 100% Freedom much better. In this context Freedom has not so much to do with F/LOSS or any discussion around. As ‘Open Source’ is already mentioned two time on the website, I favorite the rephrase of carousel 2 to: 100% Freedom no vendor lock-in or maybe better 100% Freedom without vendor lock-in.

(David Harper) #41

If you do want use “Freedom” then you might want to consider saying “Total Freedom” instead of “100% Freedom”.

I have just had a quick look through all the pages again, there are a couple of changes that I think I might have missed out, or wasn’t clear enough about previously.

Index Page

  • The “s” is still missing from the end of the word “cost” in the purchasing feature.
  • In the events section it would be slightly better to change “please send an email” to “please send us an email”.


  • For “AMMEBA” the “of” still needs changing to either “in” or “from”.


  • Foundation: Remove the “the” from “develop the Tryton as Free Software”.

Are there any other pages that now need reviewing?