Missing TrytonSpain repositories


Does anybody know what happened with all TrytonSpain modules that were previously available at bitbucket.org/trytonspain/?

I am talking about bank_es, account_invoice_posted2draft, account_invoice_multisequence, account_bank_statement_csb43, account_move_renumber, account_move_draft, account_search_with_dot, among others…

They have been removed and they are not accessible anymore.

Regards, Marcos.

Welcome to the community of Tryton:

This module (and all the bank statement) can be replaced by account_statement_aeb43 which is not part of oficial distribution.

Once you’ve loaded the banks this module is no more usefull so it can be deactivated. Furthemore the list of banks of this module has not been updated for 4 years

You should use a credit note to fix posted invoices, specially if you want to send them to customers using an email notification

If you use the account_es or aeat_* modules of this repositories I will recomend you switching to the oficial account_es module which implements the same features and more (modelo 111 and 115).

Thank you Alnus! Good to see that they have moved to Github.

Thanks for the tips Sergi. I am going to consider them. However, I do not agree with the solution for account_invoice_posted2draft module but I guess it depends on the use case.

Why not? Which is your use case?

The spanish tax authority clearly explain that you should use a rectificative invoice

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