Tryton Peru localization modules

Dear community

Let me announce to you the repository of a peruvian developers team were be working in order to localize Tryton ERP developing modules

Some of these modules are

  • account_pe, accountant localization module
  • account_invoice_pe, invoice localization module
  • account_invoice_centre_pe, multiple invoice sequences and daily reports module
  • party_pe, SUNAT identifiers codes and ubigeo module
  • purchase_pe, electronic purchases report module
  • sale_pe, electronic sales report module
  • stock pe, electronic shipment document report module
  • health_pe, gnuhealth localization module
  • mail_tester, testing email configuration module
  • project_taiga, sincronization between and tryton project and tasks module

And other modules that could be helpful to developer and companies wich require to implement TrytonERP. Although more tests and documentation is needed, the modules are enought complete to have a stable Tryton ERP localizated to Peru

The team have been working on Tryton ERP 4.2, and is ready to move to Tryton ERP 5.0

Best Regards


Congratulations, great job!!

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I can not find the links to those repositories?
Do you plan to propose them for inclusion in Tryton?

Hi Cedrik

I am Sorry, I have fixed the missed link to the repository. About including these modules on Tryton, that is the target, although them require extra effort to having fully tested.

We are working on moving to 5.0, and having it fully tested, I think, modules could be on a maturity level enought to being part of Tryton

Bests regards

THe account_pe gives me a Internal Server Error, Could you please review?

I think we should not focus on adding the modules as-is but you should describe the needs of each module and discuss how we can solve in a generic way that works for most of the countries.

For example, the validation of the tax identifiers of peru should be part of python-stdnum and added the default party module. This way you will be able to remove the need of having the account_pe module.


Let me see, I guess it is aa mercurial issue on a broken branch or something like that

Yes, We had thought on that, but at the moment and the urgency on the modules after electronic invoices on Peru, we decide to put then on account_pe. Our next step would be refactoring code in orden on improve coding quality assurement and testing cases.

If you want to succeed in including features in standard Tryton, the way is to write a feature proposal (or first start with an idea if you are not sure yet about the design). But it should be one feature at a time and designed to be generic and/or general.

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