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Hello, is there a manual on how to install the Spanish version of Tryton 5.0 (Spanish accounting, etc.)? Thank you

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There is not special procedure for installing the Spanish version of Tryton, you should install as usually but take in account the following aspects when configuring your database:

  • You are probably interested on having the Spanish language available for the users. In order to do so make sure to include the -l es flag when initializing the database with trytond-admin
  • You should activate the account_es module in order to have the Spanish chart of accounts and taxes available. When creating the chart of accounts of your company you will be able to select the NORMAL or PYMES chart of account, depending on your company size.
  • If you want to import file download statements from your bank, you should probably install the account_statement_aeb43 module, which adds support for importing the Norma 43 file format, which is what most of the Spanish Banks use.

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account_es activated and configurated (using PYME option).

Thank you very much!

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