Marketing on Linkedin Tryton Group

There are various posts to come on Linkedin. Cédric also granted me rights for managing the Tryton group on Linkedin.

The idea is to have nice pictures with a corresponding message about why Tryton is great and and a powerful business software. I do the same on FB and Insta on the profiles of (but there in german). Maybe, these english versions we use on Linkedin could also be posted on FB of Stay tuned.

Should we collect first those points to be validated by the community? I think it is important that they are accurate and promote what is considered as best practice for Tryton.

Indeed I can also grant you access to it.

Yes, no problem. I post all pics here first to validate them. Just a second…

Here the list of messages I prepared in the last weeks and today translated to English. I’m looking for your feedback.

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The official catch-line of Tryton is:

Business Software
Modularity, scalability & security for your business

The promotion of Tryton on its official channels should not include promotion of individual businesses.

It may be better to have English screenshots in back-ground.

I do not understand it.

What is “well trained”?

Tryton does not have it yet. Maybe later with the future party communication module.

I’m not confortable using a picture of Xi Jinping
Why not Nelson Mandela but I think it is better to use anonymous.

I do not find that “email verification” is a key feature.

I do not understand it.

This seems to imply that there is some sort of QRCode scanning support?

Tryton does not come with a data center.

I do not understand this one?

I do not understand it neither?

I very much support this.


Well, I see the point and also thought about it before. Why exactly do you think so? Is there a concept behind? Such a definition would have the following negative consequences:

  • Less people are interested in Tryton (but on TUB23 was said there shall be more).
  • Our great technologies get not or only slowly into the head of decision makers on the market.
  • Decision makers can’t see that Tryton technology gets really used a lot in real projects.
  • All you developers have already built wonderful technologies but only few talk about it. If there is no interested audience, nobody is interested in telling stories (e.g. success stories)
  • Developers don’t get encouraged in talking about their great new stuff. Where are all the nice pictures of people working in all the great companies equipped with Tryton? There are hundreds of very interesting stories waiting to be published.
  • If we can’t use our official platforms to communicate our success and ideas, we’d have to do it on private channels, as you mentioned above. That doesn’t work as I already tested. Each of us is too small and lacks of knowledge. Only together we are strong.
  • Less earnings are possible and therefore less money is there to invest in new technologies and new deployments.
  • Modern deployment methods can’t be detected by early adopters and so they struggle with unhandy on premise installations.
  • the community (developers and integrators) can’t profit from new deployment technologies or have to build them themselves, what is quite complex (I thought of opening the server farm to our community and already wrote a concept for that idea, that needs to be double checked).
  • Mainly developers get interested in Tryton, but other kind of contributors (like me or also a customer company) can’t bring in their power (and perhaps bring forward the project).
  • The community can’t profit that much if cooperations get struck. Also schools (at leas universities here in Switzerland) cooperate with companies and get power and reality fitness this way. Just look at all that great modules that were built in the last years with the money of the users companies. Just look at the missing user documentation.

So, …

  • what’s the goal on investing a huge amount of time (and money therefore) in Newsletters, Facebook, (Instagram), Linkedin and website optimizations?
  • What’s the existing marketing concept we can start with?

I think there should be certain rules for the not explicitly authorised cobranding with Not too complicated - but clear. For example, one could specify that a logo and font combination must always be used when Tryton ( is mentioned. This would also increase recognisability. If you use your own brand name or logo, you might want to add “powered by”.

I say this not to discredit the approach above, but from my professional experience. With just a few rules, it is easy to generate a consistent appearance, which leads to a significantly better perception.

It also leads to the recognition that it is cobranded and that the content was created by a third party. This means that you don’t have to discuss every statement for weeks.

For me it is clear that anyone communicating using official Tryton channels must do it as a representative of the community (not any other interest).

This is exactly the same when a developer is contributing to Tryton. He has to fit in the project rules, styles etc. And it does not own anymore his contribution in the sense that it is owned now by everyone in the community.
If each part of the code was labeled by the origin company, there will be no more collaboration.

We have a place for that: Tryton - Success Stories

I do not understand why you said there is no interested audience.
But for sure if community members do not share their experience, nobody can know about it.

But we still receive none of them. So I doubt about the real interest of promoting the Tryton project.

You can but it should be standardized (everybody must be on the same level) and in the general interest.
For each success story, there are references to promote the providers.

For me they can but they must be done like developers do them for the general interest of the project.

Everybody is free to brand their services based on Tryton as they want. We (the community) have nothing to say about that. But of course referring to Tryton is always better for the project.
But here the discussion is about the official communication channel of the project.

So basically the communication team must promote only the Tryton project.
And from this promotion, people will come on the website and they will find the success stories and the providers. And this is how such promotion will benefit for everyone.

Yes,I don’t talk about the branding of services based on tryton - but using/mention the tryton brand(logo) should follow some guides. I do not talk about a strict rule - only to have some best practice examples

and vice versa :smiley:

Of course it will be great to have more precise guideline about logo and trademark than just


Of any recognizable person in fact.
I would prefer if we stick to “anonymous” people.

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Or people from the community (if they accept).

I see the existing mechanism now, although for scaling up publicity, it’s not efficient, if we just talk about our own in our own bubble. Marketing works by pointing at peoples emotions. For example a general slogan like “modularity, scalability & security for your business” is pointing to a special kind of person (CTO), but not to a CFO or even CEO. Different decision makers have different points of view and if we want to catch them, we better do that be feeding them with info snippets they react on. See also TUB23 marketing results. By the way, that tryton is a business software is far more important to tell. We better forget the one-slogan-concept and think about tailored slogans for different target audiences, because on Linkedin for example, we have no idea who is looking at a post (neither on FB, Insta, Newsletter, Website…).

Here an new try. Let’s go on smoothly.

Here a version with third party relation

I think if we are to feature service providers on official channels then we have to make sure it is fair. Why mention and not kopen or sisalp?

Maybe some more sophisticated means of redistributing work is needed among service providers, I am not sure

BTW, I don’t think it can be done fairly manually.

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IMHO in the official Tryton channels we must stick the marketing to general Tryton project information. It is the only simple way to keep balance, equality and peace between all the individual businesses and interests. But also you are right, it isn’t very efficient doing it only this way.
So I very much like the idea that it is possible for individual businesses to use Tryton brand. And I follow @jgras that it would be good to have some guidelines/best practices for the individual businesses.

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