Lost of tycho (drone, backup and Windows virtual machines)

Today after a reboot for a kernel update, the tycho machine could not activate the raid partition containing the volume group for (usr, home, var etc.). After many unsuccessful tentative to restore and fix the problem, I came to the conclusion that the data are lost.
This means that for now, we do not have anymore a running drone instance, no external backups, no Windows VM to build clients and no host to build docker images.

I plan to rebuild the full host but it will take time some time. I will follow this order to restore the services:

  • backup
  • drone
  • docker build
  • Windows VM

Until we got drone back, I think we should stop development.

Agree, please keep us updated when it’s back online.

Many thanks for your work on this.

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One more bad news, I can no more build our drone version because many of the dependencies have been moved (still manageable) and some have different APIs.
I’m wondering if we should not even select another CI because since 3-4 years we could not follow all the changes done on drone. So for me, it is no more a stable project that we can rely on (and develop plugin like trypod).

If you’re looking for CI ideas/proposals maybe we can consider jenkins.

We use it (a prior version since introduction of pipelines in jenkins) for a non python project and works like a charm.

It’s mature (we use it since it was called hudson) ,open source, of course, and not “coupled” like the built-in CI tools from gitlab, github…

My two cents.

Jenkins is not possible. Too much complex, require too much configuration for each repository.

Indeed it is the former drone (used for 4.4 series), I could build the “trypod-0.8” version.

I have no idea, but can Buildbot (www.buildbot.net) be a solution? It’s written in Python :slight_smile:

FYI we had to migrate to drone 1.x a few months ago and despite the .drone.yml structure was redesigned there is backport compatibility. So only need to fix de volume section (does not support named volumes, it needs a path) and it works after execute migration scripts.
If you are interested in how to migrate, new docker-compose file, etc. I would be pleased to help.

The only stable CI/CD i used was the one integrated with gitlab.

Another one that is interesting is: https://concourse-ci.org/
Concourse is not coupled with specific VCS/ remote repo, it takes a very interesting approach on the CI/CD.

Thanks we do not use docker for our drone because we are using a custom remote “trypod” to trigger build from hg.tryton.org and to authenticate with bugs.tryton.org.
But I will be definitely interested by having a converted .drone.yml for when we will work on updating from drone 0.8.

By the way, I succeeded to setup back drone.tryton.org

I have installed a new Windows10 VM (I did not try for Windows7 as it will end in less than 3 months).
It is a 64bits installation but I setup MSYS32 and MSYS64 on it.
To be sure it is working, I have generated http://www.b2ck.com/~ced/tryton-5.5.dev0.exe for testing. I will be glade to have feedback on it (just a :heart: is enough if it is working).

Also I did not setup a Python2 environment, this means no build for <5.0. I do not think it is a problem as they were any way in EOL according to the new release scheduling.


Installation went fine, but I cannot connect to demo5.5.tryton.org. But that’s because that domain doesn’t exists. Trying the demo5.4.tryton.org gives “incompatible version of the server.”

Can you also build a 5.4 version of the client?

You have to use the trunk server.

Any way, I published new build from 5.2 and 5.0.

Big thanks! I downloaded and tested tryton-5.2.8.exe. It installed and I was able to connect to the demo5.2.tryton.org. Also did a check if the calendar was working and it did.

One question: The software was installed in c:\program files(x86) which should mean that it’s 32 bits?

Yes for now, we support only 32bits. See Built 32 and 64 bits windows client

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