End support of all 4.x series

Continuing the discussion from Proposal for a new release process:

Officially the new release scheme was announced just after the release of 4.6 so it should start with 4.8.
I did not close the support of 4.8 after 1 year (already 1.5 years) because it sounded strange to still support 4.4 and 4.6 but not 4.8 (and error prone when back-porting patches).
But now 4.4 has reached its 2.5 years of support, so normally we should still support 4.6 for ½ year.
Instead I would like to drop support for all 4.x series now.
The arguments are:

  • Keep support 4.6 until 04/20
  • Drop support of 4.x

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