Integrate Tryton with report manager like Jasper

Integrate Tryton with a report manager like Jasper that allows you to view the reports and choose which format to export to

There is a third party module for building reports using jasper:

The main issue with using a third report manage is that you loose the common access right and also the modularity.
There are only very few documents as reports that need to be printed, most of them are better as table queries (which can be exported as CSV) like we did for sale, purchase and product margin reports.
Finally the relatorio template based on OpenDocument are kind of WYSIWYG but it could be improved if we provided a way to run the report with mocked records which returns random data for fields but that looks like real data (like will return “John Doe” or “ACME Product” etc).

Well there are companies that tend to produce a lot of documentation, but as far as the data is in a system designing a report in OpenDocument is quite straight forward. Also there are some companies that are already generating the documents using Office format, so migrating this formats into Tryton is quite straigh forward.

To Be Honest, I’ve used both jasper and OpenDocument and I find OpenDocument easier. Of course there are some tricks that you should learn but this is with any other reporting.

We’ve created some anonymize script using Faker, maybe we can use such library to implement what you propose.