Using Jasper Reports with Tryton for localized Balance Sheet, P&L or any other report

Is anybody using Jasper Reports with Tryton?

Are there any documents about how to integrate it to quickly get the records for a balance sheet or P&L?

Yes, we’re using it, although we intend to eventually replace it with html_report.

Well, we’re using account_financial_statement module which has a different design than core’s balance sheet and P&L.

You can find a sample on how that module works with this module.

Main advantage is that users can create their own reports. The drawback is that it does nothing to ensure all accounts are in either P&L or balance report, so reports must be carefully created.

Since 5.6 series, the tryton server is able to convert from html to pdf using the optional weasyprint library.

I’m courious why an user will need to create their own reports.
Won’t be better to use the analytic_account module to create the custom tree of reporting?

I know, but html_report module does many more things than just executing weasyprint.

It depend. In some cases it allows to customize standard P&L (or Balance) reports without the need of adding analytic accounting. For example, if you just want to have several revenue accounts detailed in the report.

In other cases users are using it to create reports that do not fit either in P&L or Balance but that provide useful information for their specific business.