Visualize a report without download


It may be useful to have a Screen to preview a PDF report before download, send or print it.


Add a preview button similar to Print button but instead of download or direct print it as Tryton client do.

This button could has two ways of work:

  • Download or preview reports.

Also when a report in generated from a Wizard has the option of preview it.



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I do not see the point. To display anything in the client it needs to be downloaded.
Also report display data that are already encoded in the system so it is not really useful to have it next to the data input.
And finally by default the reports are in OpenDocument which are not really supported as preview.

Some reports need to be downloaded many times same day only to be previewed. Insted of have many files of same report you could have a preview of it, after it, you only need to close the preview.

Then it should not be a report but a view.

Yes, you’re right. But sometimes I need to create custom views, so, is easy create a PDF report like:

The best option could be a view that I can customize like a report (it may include graphs).

Not much customizable as a report, but maybe you can use the board view type which is shown in the dashboard module?

A mix of graph and data will be great, but, in my case, to generate custom reports data I generally use dicts or dataframes, so, I would like to have a view where I can render data (using somethings like Weasyprint) inside Tryton. Instead of generate a report I can use a view.

The balance sheet already exists in Tryton as a tree view.
It is more powerful to format data as ModelStorage in Tryton because it can be reused and it integrates well.
Indeed it can be a little more work but this creates better user experience. At least that the assumption Tryton is based on.

Yes, Model Storage is a powerful and functional, but sometimes only need a little bit more of flexibility and simplicity (hide records with value 0 in tree view will help a lot).

I give you that example but it can work with other reports (cash flow and other financial statements).

Tryton experience is one of the best to data analysis but other ways to display info will be great.