Inputs of accounting entry in versions after v5.0

I am preparing a migration from v5.0 to v5.8 (of course 5.0 -> 5.2 -> 5.4 -> 5.6 -> 5.8), everything went well technically (thanks Tryton for the simplicity of the migration :slight_smile: )

But, because there is often a but, I noticed a different behavior in 5.8 in the entry of accounting entries. I test in the different versions and:

In v5.0, when entering an entry in a journal when the 1st line of the entry is filled in, when pressing the enter key a 2nd line is automatically created pre-filled with the information obtained from the previous line (entry number, date, counterpart amount), great !

From version 5.2 this is no longer the case, is this change in operation desired? Is it possible to return to the functioning of v5.0

Thank you for your feedback.

I think it is due to Issue 8233: Add Cache management for RPC - Tryton issue tracker, the Model.default_get has a default cache of 5 minutes but for move line it break the behavior because the default_move and default_date depend highly on the very last record created. So we should disable the cache for this model.

I filled Issue 9926: Do not cache default_get of account.move.line - Tryton issue tracker

Thanks for the patch, I’ll have it tested.

I also just realized that the tabulation cycle is broken, in the GTK client (on SAO it works), … after entering the account, the ‘tab’ key no longer takes us to the partner field or to the debit/credit field.

This is probably Issue 9905: Tab navigation on editable list stop when column as readonly cell - Tryton issue tracker

PS: Please try to keep focus on a unique subject per thread.