Migration from 5.0 to 5.8

Hi all !

I attempt to migrate my tryton from 5.0 to 5.8.

I’ve two problems :

1 - Impossible to save an invoice

First, i can’t save an invoice (draft, posted, etc.).
I’ve got a message after i click on save :

La valeur du champ “Compte” sur “Facture” n’est pas valide selon son domaine.
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I think i’ve missed one configuration. I searched for a while without success. i’ll try to check in the source code.

2 - Filter on field
On Administration>Models>Field

When i type a filter, i’ve got an error message :

Example : Modèle: mois

“Il existe une entrée pour la table c mais elle ne peut pas être référencée de cette partie de la requête”

Thank in advance :slight_smile:

It looks like the chart of account has not been updated from the template.

Thank you @ced ,

I’ve missed something during the Update ? Or i did a misconfiguration in the past ?

i think my version of tryton starts at 4.X

How can i fix it ?

Thank you.

I do not know. Did you run the chart of account update wizard?

I think, i didn’t run the wizard. I’m not sure.

I searched in the version’s news, but i didn’t saw it.

I’ve a wizard in the financial’s module, which are empty : Account configuration with some default value to define (default customer account, rounding method, etc)

It seems that somes default chart are not present or not configured. But if i check an existing customer this informaiton are filled. (default customer account : Clients et comptes rattachés).

When i attemp to find it on the company, i didn’t find it. The list associated is empty.


This is a general procedure that must be run after each update see Making changes to the accounts structure — trytond_account latest documentation

Thank you, i did an update chart with “Financial ‣ Configuration ‣ Templates ‣ Update Chart of Account from Template”. The list of the default account isn’t empty.

Before on parties, the default account was 410 Client et compte.
On one party, I change for 4111, now i can save an invoice.

Can i find an explanation of this field in the documentation ?

Thank you

I’ve modified default receivable account on all customer.
I can now create invoice, but i can’t change an invoice to paid.
i’ve got the same error “La valeur du champ « Compte » sur « Ligne de mouvement comptable » n’est pas valide selon son domaine”.

Can i make something through the application or i must change a value in the database.

I’ve check if i can modify the account on the move line, but the invoice is posted, so i can’t.

it’s very confusing if i must do a credit note … I only migrated my version

The account 410 has been closed following Issue 7976: Account 400 and 410 should be view - Tryton issue tracker and normally it should not have been used to book invoices.
You can override the template and re-open the account until you solved the remaining invoices.

Hi @ced

It’s done :slight_smile: i’ve checked override, unchecked closed, checked reconciliation, check party required.
I make the payment on the invoice.
Unchecked override, and update from the account template.

For the second point, i’ll make another topic.
Thank you !!