Strange mistake when paying an invoice

Hi community,

I made a migration from 4.8 to 5.0 by following the steps here after correctly done I proceeded to make the payment of an invoice but here the error appeared, when I was going to choose the method of payment, nothing appeared (payment methods were created in step 3) …

What do you think can happen?

The payment methods created should be for the same company as the one of the invoice and should not use the same accounts as the invoice neither.

Hello Cédric and thanks for reply.

I did the test creating the payment method from the menu financial - configuration journals - invoice payment methods and created new accounts but at the time of making the payment did not show me the method of payment.

Then I tried to create the payment method from the search method payment and something strange happened, pressed the new button to go to the payment method form: enter the name, journal but when I went to the debit account or credit account it did not show none of the accounts.

I started and created a new account for debit account and added it but when I went to add the credit account it did show the accounts, but when i did click account to add it, that action deleted company name and deactivated the company field.

Note: Before adding the debit account or the credit account in the search form, no account is shown, accounts are only shown when I add one of them first (debit or credit account).

I guess your user is not in the right company.