Incorrect sign in Balance Sheet tree

From the earlier discussion, I understand the general intention of the Balance Sheet tree report.

Nonetheless, one problem I noticed is that the positive/negative sign for the Liability section is the opposite of what people would see in any regular balance sheet.

Furthermore, values in the Equity accounts, being opposite to the normal sign, are even more confusing.

For example, in a case where the company makes a loss and the Net Income is negative, the Balance Sheet tree shows a positive Net Income value.

I feel this makes it confusing. I could understand what was wrong here but I suspect most people will be confused when they encounter values that are not consistent with normal balance sheets.

Not sure to fully understand your problemx but in case the balance sheet is not correctly balanced there may be two issues:

  • Asset types are not checked as such, so the balance is inverted
  • The Income Statement is not included as child of the results, so the balance is not balanced until closing the fiscalyear.