In what currency should the unit price be on the movement?


Currently the unit price on the movement is in the currency of the purchase (or sale) and the cost price of the product is calculated using the rate of the currency on the effective date of the movement.
How to manage the unit price of the movement when our suppliers send us partial invoices with an evolving currency rate (for example from one month to the next or even if the invoice for additional costs is in a different currency).
Wouldn’t it be more interesting to have the unit price of the movement in the currency of the company?

On contrary as the unit price is stored in the currency of the supplier so it does not evolve no matter when the invoice is booked.
For now we always use the effective date of the move as reference to convert the unit price into the company currency. I think it is a logical choice.

But storing the unit price in the company currency would require to make conversion at a date before the effective date when creating the move and keep update it.

Also using the company currency would have also its own issue. Because such supplier invoice would be paid in the supplier currency so indeed the exchange rate will be the one at the payment date and not the invoice date.
Anyway, those errors are usually compensated using an account for the difference of exchange rate.

In last resort, the user can always make a manual update of the cost price if the currency exchange rates justify it.