In invoices mark as warning amount that we should have paid

In invoice list/tree only invoices with amounts that we (user) should had received today (and we haven’t yet) are mark as danger.
We could mark as warnings amounts that we should have paid today but we haven’t yet.

Why not. But then we should also mark the lines to pay from account_payment the same way.

Received and payables should also filter out lines coming from a bank journal, BTW.

Not it should not care about the journal but only of the maturity date.

It’s rather incongruous to see lines to pay containing payments received!

I think we should exclude payment lines not reconciled that are linked to an invoice. Which should be the case of the lines you are commenting.

No because they can be useful to group with another line.

Changes nothing as, anyway, grouping is much easier from the account plan as you can pick up credit notes where you cannot from lines to pay.