How to find unpaid service invoices at a given date?

My accoutant asks me to list all unpaid service invoices on 31/12.
How can I select:

  • invoices unpaid at a given date
  • invoices containing services

Perhaps from lines to pay and filtering by maturiry date?

Seems I need account_payment module to see this interface. But currently my invoices are paid from bank statements…

What is the purpose?

I’d like to know :confused:
I guess it’s to check something about the taxes.
Maybe it’s useless and that’s why it’s not easy to do :wink:

If you are gona check taxes you should probably open the Chart of Taxes Codes where the amounts of all of the tax types are summed up. Double clicknig a line will open the detail of that line.

So you will be able to see all the lines that are in this tax. You can not filter by unpaid amount but this is irelevant for taxes porposes.
If you report tax on cash basis you should use the account_tax_cash module and ony the paid lines will shoup up on the detail of the tax code.

(from a french point of vue)

it is a part of accounter work for closing fiscal year. usually, it is to justify unpaid invoices: all invoices unpaided should be justified: “paid on next fiscal year”, or “unpaid due to bad customer” (and so special move should be posted), etc…

also the purpose could be to ensure no fraud is done (accounter could engage his responsability if it said “all is fine” whereas false invoices are passed).

That does not explain why it should be limited to service.
Having the unpaid invoices is easy to get.

nothing sure here. but at end of year, invoice for services could be expense for the next fiscal year (like maintenance), and such invoice needs specific move in France (“charges constatées d’avance”).

anyway, having services invoices will depend how the invoice are recorded.

if product are always used, it could be done using product.type, but if account is directly filled, the filter will be more complex (account.code should be "61%" or "62%" but with some false positives)

It is probably simpler to book them directly on the proper date. I think there was a discussion somewhere about the possibility to spread such charge over periods.

Any way, I do not see the link with the request as the payment status is not a criteria for such accounting work.

@semarie is right: I was explained that the VAT report must consider differently taxes on invoices for services: the tax amount is counted at the date of the payment.

Could you please explain how to do? I see how to filter invoices by creation or modification date, but how do I search by date of payment?

Then you are doing tax reporting on payment which is managed by account_tax_cash.

I’m wondering why I see only zero figures in this report, though I used the account_fr taxes and all my invoices show taxe amounts…

I’m not sure because the rule seems different for goods.

The doc tells:

When a payment lines is added to an invoice, the tax lines for the proportional amount are set on the corresponding tax code for the current period. If a payment line is removed from an invoice, the reverse operation is applied.

Is it possible to activate this module and have the already entered and paid invoices be correctly handled?

The tax codes must have proper lines to compute the amount.

That’s not a problem as long as you are using different tax groups.

No when activating the module, previous tax lines will still be reported on post date.