Renegotiating payment term on invoices

There are some cases that the customer may request the renegotiation of the maturity dates of an invoices. Currently this is possible (but not easy) to edit the maturity date of receivable or payable line so the term can be updated.

I’ve recently seen a case where the customer request to change from one maturity date into two lines, which requires the creation of a new move to reflect it on the accouting.

I’m wondering if it won’t be better to add some kind of wizard on the invoice to be able to re-negotiate the payment terms of an invoice.


For me, this would be the counterpart of the “GroupLines” wizard.
I do not think the wizard could manage the maturity date directly but if it opens the lines created, the user can edit them easily.

About the ease access, I think the payable/receivable relate should be the proper entry-point for such operation.

I see some users that expect to update this information directly from the invoice. Do you think it makes sense to add a relate form the invoice to it’s lines to pay?

So we can add a “SplitLines” wizard which ask the user the number of lines to split a line into?

It sounds very good to me.

It is already available from the relate of the party on the invoice.

Yes but it should be a little more complex because it must define the amount. So I think the best it to ask for an amount (and maybe a maturity date) and split into two.

This is dificult to find by the users (specially when using saog) and it adds to much extra clicks for UX.

So why not asking for a list of amount and dates?

But we must stick to avoid duplicate relate otherwise we will start to put them everywhere.

Because the UI will be more complex to fill as it will require to fill a One2Many.
For me, most of the case will be about divide into two.
But indeed we can have the same design as the stock move split: amount and/or count.

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So I’m thinking if it won’t be better to show the lines_to_pay with a dedicated view that includes the maturity_date and the amount. This will allow the user to easly spot when the next maturities are due and edit the maturities directly from the invoice.

We can also add a button to split the line using the new split wizard.

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This sounds good. We already show the payment lines so we could show the lines to pay.

Filled Issue 9069: Show invoice's lines to pay - Tryton issue tracker which includes a patch that implements it.

There seems need for the case where the ‘list’ of maturity dates needs to be editable.

A frequent use case is with insurance [revisable] premiums where there is a provisional invoice for the calendar year.
At a later date a payment schedule is sent (for example 11 monthly payments).
The previous year is ultimately revised (+/-) which may influence the provisional invoice and payment schedule.

What we’d like to see is the possibility to edit the payment list to not only update the payment schedule, but to eventually create an intial one.

As Cédric indicates, it seems to be the counterpart of grouping lines as the invoice should be degrouped into a payment schedule if no schedule is already in place (delegated reconciliation is needed).

BTW, with COVID-19, there are potentially other partners where such payment schedules be negociated.

Is it really possible to change maturity date in SAO 5.4 series? How?

You should open the move of the invoice, search for the payable lines and update it’s maturity date.

This does not work, at least, at SAO 5.4 series.

I just filled issue 9495.