Improve sale_supply documentation

I was going to open an issue but I’d rather discuss the concerns here since I’m unfamiliar with the module.

I’ve been using sale_supply lately to know its features and I found myself wondering where did my inventory moves go when I picked them.
Turns out the inventory moves get deleted because they’re in staging and there is no indication as to why. They get to this state because their linked purchase_request is not processed.
I could find out why tracing back in the code, but an end user will not and does not have to do this.

Also, I expected the module to create a purchase request if my warehouse missed the quantity to fill the sale, and only that exact quantity, not the whole line.
I don’t mind the functionality since I can always cancel the purchase, but I just expected that and it would be good to know.

Like I said, I’m just picking this module now so maybe I need to learn some missing concepts beforehand, but I think the documentation should be clearer.

I think you should take a look around this file:

And this one too:

Hope it helps you.

Not before Purchase or produce only missing quantity when supply one sale (#11955) · Issues · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab is solved.

Thank you for your response, although this only proves my point further.
End user won’t even know where to look for these.

Looks great, thank you, I’ll try to test it and keep an eye on it.

You’re right, Tryton still needs a lot of documentation but reading test files helps noticeably.