Best practice shipment costs?


I do not yet have a good solution for this.

I have a few “shipment products”, depending on the size of the parcel, When the order comes in, I do not know how big the parcel will be, so I put in best guess. Sometimes this guess is wrong, so I have to change the parcel. But now (for 1-2 weeks, cannot say for sure),

  • I can no longer delete items from a non-posted invoice, they re-appear after saving the invoice. I CAN change the number to 0,
  • furthermore, it seems as if “shipment items” now do appear in an invoice, although those items not yet have been sent; this looks new as well.

Probably, I did not understand how the process is meant to happen, so I’d be very grateful for some advice.


Could you explain which is the problem you have and what do you want to update?
You need to update the shipment cost/change the carrier or what do you need to do in case the guess is wrong? This will make it easier to give a proper advice

In my products, I have several “shipment items” - 35cm, 50cm, 70cm etc. parcel, which have different prices. I need to change e.g. from 50 to 70cm parcel, that’s how I’m handling it now. But my overall approach may be stupid.

I looked at the docu of “shipment~” and “carrier~” modules - but could not really find out whether it would be better to use some of those instead of my casual approach.

You should use the sale_shipment_cost module and create carriers from different products for each shipment cost.

It is also possible to modify the shipment cost manually for each sale.

Hope it helps!