IDE for tryton development

Hi all!

I’m starting with tryton development but I’m finding some difficulties to get the “perfect” environment.

I’ve found a similar question here but even when I found very interesting the cookiecutter module I would like to find a tested IDE.

My requirements for this IDE are the followings:

  1. Autocompletion when I’m working with tryton objects and functions.
  2. Search easily the source code (or the definition) of a tryton method.
  3. Integrate git.
  4. Integrate virtualenvs.

These requirements made me think about pycharm but I cannot make it recognize the whole tryton world!

Is there any guide you can point me at to configure an IDE for developing at ease with it?

Best regards!

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First i begin with VIM:

Now i’m using Visual Studio:
With some specific plugins that’ll do all your requirements… (


I think the best IDE is the one you are confortable with.

To be honest I do not think autocompletion gives a big boost. I’ve never used while programing on tryton and I do not miss it.

On the other hand I think you should add some pyflakes plugin to your IDE to hightlight the errors and warnings while editing.

Having said that, I always recomend having a look at our Coding Guidelines and try to follow them even if you plan to develop custom modules. Once you are used to it, it’s easier to contribute back to thd project.


I do not think it is doable because “Tryton objects” are constructed at run time depending of the modules activated.
I once suggested that a hook could maybe written to create stub files which may help for completion. But I have doubt about the result.

I use emacs with the module jedi, east modulate uses virtualenvs.
I install trytond on the jedi environment for autocompletion Tryton objects and easy go to definitions.
Emacs has interface with version control system for git, mercurial, fossil and others. Also is magit for git.

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I’m trying Visual Studio and Pycharm using flake8.

Thank you all!

I use Visual Studio Code. And I love it. You can do all you ask for and also:

  • Debug (without the need of “import pdb”), step into/over/out, watch current objects and its field values, breakpoints…
  • Git Integration, with GitHub, Bitbucket and more. See uncommited changes with just one click over a file. Commit with a click.
  • Easy manage virtual environments
  • Postgresql explorer
  • Autocompletion and coloring
  • Powerful and fast searching
  • Manage all your modules in a tree view.
  • Navigate to class/function definition (with restrictions due to trytond estructure).
  • Integrated console
  • … And much more: There are thousands of extensions. And it is improved constantly.